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liner notes

I greatly admire the simple.
The haiku poem
that smells of springtime

The scant lines on paper
that take you to Camelot

The music of the duo
that expresses the span of humanity.

The inspirations are many:
Basho, Hirschfeld, Bennett and Evans...

The goal is one:
To create the most with the least.

It helps if you have a collaborator
who shares a creative past-

A remarkable pianist like
Tedd Firth

A virtuoso friend and musician
of great versatility, sensitivity, and artistry.

We recorded in the same room at the same time,
one mic bleeding into the other

working without a net
playing in the vastness of the simple



Simply Broadway Credits & Thanks

More about Simply Broadway...

Dear Friends:

I want to tell you a little about my new album called  “Simply Broadway.”

Its a brand new recording with an “old school” vibe--inspired by some of the greatest recordings from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s.

One of my favorite recordings from that time was an album of standards by Tony Bennett and the late great pianist, Bill Evans - just the two of them.   

Each time I listen to it, I seem to hear those old songs in a fresh, new way. I’m amazed by the intimate relationship of singer and song and the beauty, simplicity and depth that comes from saying most with the least. And when I listen in a pair of headphones  it’s like getting my own private concert. 

So I thought, “Hey - why not use that same classic approach with Broadway standards”? I recorded 12 great songs from 12 great Broadway classics -  shows like Company, Camelot, Porgy and Bess, Les Miz, Sunday in the Park With George... all performed in the spirit of the originals  but with a fresh new OLD approach - beautifully recorded and with only 2 instruments: a stunning Steinway Hamburg 9-foot grand piano and a voice. In this case, of course, my voice.

The pianist is an extraordinary artist named Tedd Firth who I started working with 5 years ago at my Carnegie Hall solo concert. We’ve wprked together ever since.  We seem to hear, feel, think, eat and breathe music in a similar way.  I like to tell myself that he is the pianist I would have been had I stayed as dedicated to that instrument as I am to singing.

In the “old-school” spirit, we recorded the entire album together, in the same studio in the same room at the same time - no baffles to separate us, no overdubs... no digital tuning. Just a singer and a pianist having a great time making music together with some great Broadway songs.

So, I invite you to take a listen. You can download it on iTunes or get the complete CD package on Amazon.

And--(if the Sandy creek don’t rise :) my first benefit concert is November 7 , 2012, at Alice Tully Hall in NYC’s Lincoln Center. To read more about the concert and purchase tickets, where all proceeds go to The Actors Fund and Lincoln Center, click here.

Being of service

But theres another special aspect about this project!

If you’re like me, lately I have been watching the news and getting a little disheartened seeing what’s happening at home and abroad.   There are so many folks out of work or in a hard way and there seem to be way too many politicians and bureaucrats that  are more dedicated to their own good than the good of our country.  

Well, rather then sit around and grumble, I’ve realized there is a little something that I can do... that each of us can do . ..that can make a big difference in our world - Give Service. Help others out. Even if we are not working (and we performers frequently aren’t), we all have a talent or skill or gift that we can share with others and put to good use.  A lawyer might provide pro bono work for a neighborhood organization;   A bricklayer might help build homes for the homeless; a teacher might tutor kids in need...

I’m a performer, so my focus is on the arts and artists.  Over the next few months across the United States,  I’ll be giving a number of  benefit concerts based on my new CD, “Simply Broadway”. The concerts will  benefit The Actors Fund ( which is a human services organization that helps anyone who has made their living in show business and the performing arts when they have hit a rough spot in the road.  The proceeds of those concerts will be split between the Actors Fund, and the the non-profit theatre where I’ll be appearing.

If you sign up to my list, I’ll keep you posted about when and where you can see one of these concerts.

If you happen to be in New York on November 7 of this year, I’ll be giving the first of these special concerts at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.  Click here for more information and tickets.

I’m especially excited because that night the stage that I will be performing on is being renamed in honor of the great philanthropist and champion of the arts, Adrienne Arsht.

A number of other people are donating their time, talents and treasure that evening to help these two great organizations (like the producer, Abby Schroeder, a trustee of the Actors Fund). It will be a great celebration of a New stage, a new CD, and the spirit of giving.  

For more information on this event, you can contact Lincoln Center at (212) 875-5462 or click here.  I feel very fortunate that I get to do something that I love and help people in the process.  You can do it too.  We can all help make the world a better place by sharing our own particular skills and talents.  You probably don’t have to look much farther then your own neighborhood to do it.  It’s simple!

I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for listening!


And if you want to hear or buy my first Solo Album, click below:


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The Reviews are In!

Mr. Mitchell commands a singularly thunderous baritone. Few other Broadway baritones have such vocal resources.
The New York Times

“Brian Stokes Mitchell wields his mighty baritone with witty, poignant discretion.”
USA Today

Finally, the perfect thing for pre- or post-holiday relaxing: Brian Stokes Mitchell’s new CD, Simply Broadway, featuring the Tony-winning baritone accompanied by a solo pianist.

It was produced without overdubs or audio separation — Stokes and his pianist, Tedd Firth, were in the same room at the same time as they recorded tracks.

The song selection includes works from Camelot, Porgy and Bess, Company, Sunday in the Park With George, Les Miserables and other classics of the Great White Way.  -Dallas Morning News

“Does your budget only allow for one CD? Make it Brian Stokes Mitchell’s Simply Broadway. Mitchell just doesn’t croon show songs; he becomes the characters who sang them in their musicals.”
Peter Filicia, Filicia on Friday

Brian Stokes Mitchell has (finally!) released his second solo CD. It’s one that fans will devour. --

Simply Broadway named one of USA TODAY’s best albums of 2013!

Critic Elysa Gardner puts it #5 on her list. See her full list here.

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